Ultrasound and Echocardiograms

for Unsurpassed Care

Buffalo Veterinary Clinic is proud to provide our patients and yours the most advanced diagnostic care possible by offering ultrasound and echocardiogram services. Dr. Gotfredson and Nicole Gotfredson, CVT are both clinical sonographers with additional training in performing and reading abdominal ultrasounds and echocardiograms.


Using high-frequency sound waves, ultrasound is used to create real-time images of your pet’s internal organs and systems. Ultrasounds are generally non-invasive, using a hand-held scanner or probe to image your pet’s body and ultrasound gel to improve contact and get a more detailed picture. Light sedation may be needed to help the pet relax, as ultrasounds do require the patient to remain still. Some conditions an ultrasound can help us diagnose and treat include:

  • Tumors
  • Cysts
  • Bladder and kidney stones and other disorders
  • Gastrointestinal/stomach/esophageal problems
  • Liver and gallbladder issues

Ultrasounds can also be used to determine how many puppies or kittens a pregnant pet is carrying.


Essentially an ultrasound of the heart, an echocardiogram helps us determine heart size, valve function, and heart strength. Echocardiograms are considered the best test for diagnosing heart disease in dogs and cats, showing us:

  • Heart valve abnormalities
  • Heart muscle thickening
  • Heart dilation
  • Heart tumors
  • Congenital diseases

We are one of the only veterinary hospitals in the local area to offer ultrasound and echocardiogram services, and we welcome referrals from other area veterinarians. If you have questions about this service, want to make a referral or book an appointment for your pet, please give us a call at (307) 684-2851.